Marketing. I love marketing. I have no idea why, but it fascinates the hell out of me and thrills me when others care about what I have to say. Validation? Probably, but isn’t that the internet in a nutshell? Maybe it’s just the desire to get whatever’s on my mind/my client’s mind out there (for whatever reason), who knows. Either way, I get the attraction to MLM programs entirely. You want to share awesome information or products that you genuinely believe in with everyone you know and more. I get it, I love that too.

I can still remember Facebook just a few years fresh out of high school: plastered with updates like “What’s up for tonight?”, followed by “someone bring me Gatorade. I’m dying”, the next morning. Fast-forward a couple of years, and suddenly a third of my graduating class is pushing products or trying to sell me some kind of service. Plenty of people I know are working diligently and becoming self-made nearly overnight. Well, sort of.

Did some sort of epidemic of MLM (multi-level-marketing) hit recently that I’m unaware of? Or is this common once you’re out of college and tired of the same shit different day scenario? Now, I’m not opposed to this way of earning a living. In fact, when I began noticing some of my friends trying to get involved with opportunities other than applying for the same ole’ jobs around here, I was thrilled. Some of the programs were even pretty enticing, I can’t deny that. So I did my research, and decided to pass (I’ll explain why below). For now at least. It’s nice to see that we’re not all trapped in the 9-5 “grind” mindset, though.

Plenty of people I know and have known succeed greatly with MLM programs–usually after months or even years of hardcore dedication, that is. It’s worth it to them, so it works. But, there’s just something about a “salesy” approach that is going to hinder you, even if your product or the service you provide is, in fact, 100% legitimate. If you want to succeed or start working from home with a MLM, it’s important to know what you’re getting into while ensuring you have the time for it. It’s hard work, but it can pay off with the right skills and enough determination.

Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Anywhere With Your MLM Program


You Didn’t Do Your Research

  • Research plenty of MLM programs before you choose one. In fact, you should try to find business associates, friends and family who are having success with a MLM program.
  • Don’t just take anyone’s word for it. Ask those involved with a MLM program for cold hard facts about profit. If you’ve already selected a program, you need to start researching reviews and finding credible sources of data before you start pitching to anyone.


You Are Annoying Everyone You Care About 

  • Okay, so it’s natural to want to go to your family and friends when you’re excited about a new venture. I understand. But please, please do not spam your loved ones on their Facebook & Twitter accounts. Get a separate marketing page for both or update sparingly. If you don’t care about losing relationships or contact with people you know, then post away. But in all seriousness, try not posting more than a couple of times a week. Even that can be a lot if you’re not sharing new updates and content.
  • Stop sharing the same thing over and over, okay? Especially those corny promotional videos. Do something unique. Share earning screen-caps, if you must — but at least show progress and profit if you want to bring people on-board. After all, you realize everyone you’re sending your MLM promotional links to is probably being offered the same by others, right? Stand out. Why are you so different? If you want new recruits, you have to earn them. And earn their trust. Stay honest or you might receive a ton of unwanted backlash that can tarnish your reputation in the MLM community forever.


You’re Approaching Your Potential Recruits All Wrong

  • If you’re sending everyone you know the same, pre-formatted message given to you by your MLM program, stop. Stop. Now. Please?
  • Brush up on your sales techniques. Do you enjoy conversing with others? If not, you’re in the wrong business. If you do, get a book, listen to some podcasts and practice speaking in front of a mirror. As if you’re a Sim. Yeah, I said it. Take a public speaking class or find a mentor that’s also involved with your MLM program. Confidence is key if you want to succeed with a MLM program (or many marketing gigs). The more you believe in yourself, the more your potential referrals and recruits will.
  • You might not be getting personal enough. If you send carbon-copy messages to potential recruits, you’re not as likely to get a response. Talk to your followers and friends online. Allow them to ask questions. Reconnect, you know? Don’t just try to get their attention with a promotional sales message. That’s what our spam folders are for. Get personal. Build your reputation before pitching.


You Don’t Have The Time For It

  • This is the biggest reason why I won’t give a MLM program a go. I’m simply just working on other things right now. When you take on a MLM program, you must be willing to dedicate hours enough to equate for a part or full-time job each week if you want to experience success. Especially if you are new to the social media/MLM world.
  • If you aren’t interested in or willing to go to networking events, a MLM program is probably not right for you. If you don’t have the time, same thing.


You Don’t Network Enough, If At All

  • As I said above, networking is essential with any MLM. If you’re not prepared to meet with others, network consistently, and branch out professionally with other marketers, taking on a MLM is not the right choice. But, if you are, start by creating accounts on all social media platforms. It’s important and necessary. A lot of your followers are likely to come from mobile platforms today. Keep that in mind.
  • Join online communities, forums and message boards. It’s a must! Find exclusive groups, make friends, meet others who are having success. Tweet to marketers well-known in your industry. Build connections.
  • DO attend local marketing events. If you can attend a big-city event, do it. You will meet plenty of new marketers to work with to build your own network. And they’re just as excited as you, which is extremely motivating.
  • Some people prefer emailing, some prefer talking over the phone. Others will want to meet with you in person. Are you game? Get that confidence up.  Really consider how far you can take your sales approach and how willing you are too. Don’t get involved in a program if it makes you feel anxious or if you’re unhappy, period. Never do anything like that, that’s stupid.


You’re Not Taking Yourself Seriously

  • Do you have a website? No, not the site your MLM program provides. A real, functioning, shiny URL — do you have one yet? You need one. You definitely, irrevocably need one. Period. Use NameCheap. It’s great. It’s the best $20 you’ll spend for a year. Probably less than that if you look for deals there. Pick a name that’s memorable. Use your own name (like me, so original right?), or opt for a name that relates to marketing or the MLM program you’re involved in. Get creative, but not too creative. No funky spellings or numbers. Not while you’re establishing yourself.
  • Once you have a website, install WordPress or use another blogging platform. It’s great for SEO purposes and gives you a professional edge. Oh, and WordPress is free of course.
  • Update with content regularly. Don’t rehash content, find new topics to cover related to the program you’ve invested time in. Share your tips and tricks, captivate your audience.
  • Connect with your audience and allow them to state their opinions, even if it’s not always positive. Respond professionally, and never in anger. The more professional you appear to potential recruits, the more likely they are to go from potential recruits to actual recruits.


Look, it’s absolutely possible to succeed with the right MLM program. Not all programs are legit, and not all programs will actually allow you to generate a profit–so it’s essential to research, research, research before getting in too deep. If you have the personality, wit, charm and hard-work ethic, a MLM program just might set you free from that 9-5 grind after all. So, get to it. What’re you waiting for?